Friday, August 12, 2005

Game players say Blizzard invades privacy | CNET

Blizzard has a scanning program that scans your computer checking for hacks, some players are offended and complaining about the violation of privacy this can lead to. Blizzard says it is in their EULA (End-User License agreement) that you agree to when you install the software. Blizzard has said they have updated the software several times and each time they update the EULA must be read and agreed to. Each and every update has included the part about Blizzard scanning the computer for hacks. I think if players are outraged about this they should stop playing. I mean, you know before you play they are going to do it, it is in the EULA you agree to before you can install the program. If you didn't read it before agreeing, your stupid, that is like siging a contract without reading it. Anyhow, read the article here: Game players say Blizzard invades privacy | CNET


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