Friday, May 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Code - Anti-Christian goes Hollywood - Join The Other-cott!

I am not a religious fanatic, nor am I fanatical follower. I am, however, a believer in Christ. I believe in Jesus, He is the Son of GOD. That is my belief. I took the time to read the Da Vinci Code. I doubt I go see the movie, in fact I plan to do something else opening weekend. The book changed nothing in me, it gave me no doubts, I never once thought what if, etc. I know The Real Truth, read it in The Bible. However, I do not think seeing the images described in the book is a good idea, for me. I associate most thoughts with pictures, it is part of how my memory has always worked I guess, some call it photographic memory, though mine is more of a sketchbook. So seeing this movie very well could put those doubts in me. I would not succumb to them, nor would I doubt long, maybe a fraction of a second. There is no point for me to make by seeing the movie. I do not want to support a company that says it is ok to doubt my Faith. I had such plans, this affects quite a bit for me, the upcoming PS3 for instance, now I have to decide if I am willing to support it, since Sony supports this Movie. So, I am joining the Other-cott opening weekend, read more about it here ...Join the Other-cott!


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