Sunday, May 07, 2006

Da Vinci Code Stars committing career suicide?

With the movie due out this month, will The Da Vinci Code ruin the careers of the actors in this movie? After all, most of America's population is Christian and with Catholic and other Christian leaders saying nearly daily how wrong this movie is, how we should all boycott it, and now even take legal action, though they do not say what kind of legal action that should be. Will Tom Hanks regret playing this role?
My dad is a hardcore Born Again Christian. He has always liked Tom Hanks, that is, until now. His opinion is anyone committing blasphemy against Christ is not someone he wants to watch on screen. So to my dad, Tom Hanks will now and forever more be that actor that Blasphemed against Jesus. I doubt my dad will ever watch a movie with Tom Hanks in it again, and he will probably throw out any movies he owns with Tom Hanks in it, same goes with the other main actors in this film. So, I was just wondering how will the stars do another big movie when a lot of their fans no longer believe in them and won't go see anything they are in? Read more about Catholic reactions to this film... Cardinal urges legal action against Da Vinci Code |


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