Monday, May 08, 2006

David Blaine using news to boost ratings?

So, the need arises and I must ask, How much of current reports of Blaine's troubles are real and how much is "viral marketing"? After all, Blaine's life exists around PR and pulling these stunts. The more reports we read online about how bad it is getting for him, the more we all want to tune in and see him try to pull it off.
I think we are one morbid society when a man torturing himself inside a plastic ball full of water is considered entertainment. The "Frozen in Time" stunt where he spent time inside a block of ice was bad enough, now he is a living prune. The thing is, he is probably in serious shape physically and for the sake of his stunt, he will hold out till the appointed time and attempt to make some sort of Houdini escape out of it.
It still begs the question, How much trouble is he really in and how much of the current stories are exaggerated to help ratings of ABC's live coverage of his escape?
I respect the guy and his work to an extent but I do not think I will ever consider it entertainment and if he is making his condition sound worse just to boost ratings he should be ashamed. Read one of the many stories on the web here... New York Daily News - Home - Bubble trouble


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