Thursday, May 18, 2006

Planets Found in Potentially Habitable Setup: Our future?

At the rate man is destroying our habitat here on Earth discoveries such as this one become important in case we eventually have to leave this world for another.
"Oh sure," you say, "go all sci-fi fruitcake on us." Well I hate to say it but I believe we are about to hit some seriously hard times since global "Peak Oil" is immanent and Global Warming through Green House Gas thereby changing our environment. Sooner or later if we do not stop, we are going to change it beyond it's ability to sustain us. So I see these kinds of news articles as a kind of future we could see since the private sector has decided space flight can be achieved through contests which helps to speed along developing new technology. Maybe we as a people can pull it all together in the end and survive. Anyhow, this article is about the discovery of another solar system that might be habitable, check it out... -- Planets Found in Potentially Habitable Setup


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