Wednesday, May 24, 2006

RUMOR: PS3 Sony makes moves to stamp out lucrative second-hand market IS FALSE

Update: I contacted Sony to dig up the truth on the nasty rumours. They are unfounded, as confirmed by Jennie Kong, UK PR Manager at SCEE. From Jennie:

I would like to clarify that this is false speculation and that PlayStation 3 software will not be copy protected to a single machine but will be playable on any PlayStation 3 console.

This article claims Sony has decided games are not owned by the people who buy them, they are only paying for a license to play them. That means it will be illegal to resell PS3 games.

I have to say this is probably the one thing that will keep me from buying a ps3 if it is true. I have seen some bad practices by Sony, such as the ps2 Hard Drive, which they promised could be used to store content from Sony online, never happened, they did not even say it was not going to happen, they just dropped all reference to it. The PSP is turning out to be not too great. Copying movies to it that you already own means you have to use a 3rd party conversion utility and go through a serious hassle to transfer the movie to a memory card. The movie quality sucks big time with their codecs. This is not how Sony described the PSP experience.

I like most of Sony's products. I even planned to buy a PS3 but if I can't resell or trade my games then it is not worth my time. It is because of trade-ins that I can continue to afford to play games. Trading games and buying used games makes up over half my games budget. Anyhow, Sony has made no official announcement and I hope this is rumor, otherwise serious gamers will probably pass this system up. Read more here: Games Radar - PS3 news - - [PS3] Sony makes moves to stamp out lucrative second-hand market


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