Sunday, June 04, 2006

Technical Dificulties

Due to technical difficulties, namely yours truly being a complete and total idiot sometimes, the past few posts I made went to some old blog which I do not use anymore. Somehow, when I reset my computer due to a virus I entered the wrong user name and password on my blogger link in my toolbar, to make a long story short, the blogs never made it here. You all missed 3 good articles with links to stuff about net neutrality, DMCA issues, and some joke blog on how to be a snobby blogger. So, since these blogs are gone, yes they are not recoverable, I am making this lame post in an attempt to apologize to anyone who reads grand gravey. I am human after all and I do make mistakes, once or twice in my life I am sure I might admit to thinking something might be a mistake but I am willing to negotiate on whether it was truly a mistake or not ;)


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