Sunday, June 25, 2006

Web service attacks.

Reading my news I noticed an article on web service attacks that are used to go after customers data of said webites. Using AJAX to hack into data is not something as new as most would have you believe. As soon as any new code comes out, or new uses for old code become available, the criminals (I refuse to call them hackers) start looking for security holes. Well, of course they are looking for security holes, untested code is usually full of some rather large holes in which a criminal can and will compromise your data. This laptop I am using has crashed 2 times in the past 3 weeks and had to be completely restored due to viruses passed through security holes in AJAX or some extension or plug-in I use on one of my browsers I am sure. I do not download anything anymore except a few extensions, skins, etc. I always scan downloads as they are received with a passive scanner and once they are done downloading, I always scan them before installing them. This goes for anything I get on my comp, I will not click the run button while on a website for any pop-up, I either find a place I can click to download it or I do not use it. This has not always been the case and I have quite the collection of viruses in Avast's warchest to prove it. I find if you scan everything before opening, never allow an automatic install from the web (other than windows updates) and always have a scanner running passively scanning in the background you get a lot less trouble. In fact, done right a scan before install policy can keep you virus free. Anyhow, I got a bit off topic, the point is, even when using these wonderful new services Google, Microsoft, or any company for that matter, you should show a bit of restraint and check before installing, it will save you from 2 sessions of restoring your computer, like I did.Wired News: Web Services Attacks Increase


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