Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A cracked foundation- The PS3's future in doubt? -

Sony PS3 Article

Jason Ventura over at has an article on the reason that the Sony PS3 will most likely not end up being the number one game system in the next-gen console wars. I have to say, I agree with all of his points and wish to add this one:
Misinformation: Sony has a habit of telling the public of all these incredible features their systems will have then dropping them once release happens. Remember the hard drive(HDD) for the PS2? Before it was released, Sony stated that with the HDD, you would be allowed to download games, movies, music, etc right to your PS2 from the internet. Anyone who bought the PS2 HDD know for a fact that nothing was ever done to make this a reality. After spending $100 for the unit and game, it came with a Final fantasy game, you would expect to at least see an apology for the missing content and features, didn't happen.
Look at their statements about the PSP, I own one and am so disappointed in it, I never use it. I was looking forward to converting some movies from DVD to the PSP to watch on trips and things, what did Sony do, they tried to sell me UMD's of the movies I already had at a higher price than I bought most of the original movies for (thanks to Wal-Mart and their new releases always being on sale) and released some cheesy codec, very low quality, to convert movies with.
So, I have lost all faith in the Sony gaming division. I still buy other Sony products but I tend to look at their competitors more and more often and will more than likely phase Sony completely out of my life at some point. After the BMG (Sony Music) spyware scandal, it might be the smart thing to do. Check the article here... A cracked foundation- The PS3's future in doubt? -


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