Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Microsoft vs Firefox Myths

I am an official Microsoft fanboy. I love most of their products and use them. I am also a Google fanboy but that is a different blog. I get tickled when I see something that makes all the rumor about how bad something Microsoft released is compared to other products totally bogus. In this case, it is Internet Explorer(IE) versus Firefox. On this site, the author debunks a bunch of outright lies spread about IE and Firefox when they are compared on news sites, blogs, etc. After reading this article I do not know if I will fire Firefox up again. IE is so much more secure and Microsoft actually fixes the security issues in a timely manner, some of the Firefox security issues have been around since 2004, when the browser was released. Quite an interesting read... Firefox Myths

The site does not really compare IE to Firefox all that much, it just debunks the rumors from the fact.


Anonymous said...

IE more secure than Firefox? You've obviously fallen for the propaganda of Firefox Myths!

IE recently topped the SANS list of most insecure applications because of multiple instances where Microsoft didn't release patches for known exploits until long after the bad guys had started using them to install malware just by drive-by download.

This has not happened in Firefox: it is Firefox that has a much better record in patching vulnerabilities *before* they are exploited.

The author of the Firefox Myths site does not recognise the difference between a vulnerability and an exploit, and has on several occasions denied that IE has ever been exploited, despite information such as the SANS reports on each exploit.

Firefox is not perfect, but it has a far better record than IE.


Check out some of the blog responses listed in Firefox Fables in which many people have taken the trouble to explain the errors in Firefox Myths:


Unknown said...

A better patching record? Yes, Firefox has a better patching record than IE. Firefox more secure than IE? Maybe, but I am not convinced. This article is a couple of versions old now, I do not think it is accurate anymore, both IE and Firefox have moved on to new versions but I still believe, by the information available online (Google it) IE7 is more secure than Firefox2. This debate will continue until either browser dies. It all comes down to choice really, I use Firefox as my default browser because I like the layout better than IE7.

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