Friday, July 21, 2006

onXiam - The User Profile of user names

I am a member of quite a few communities online. It seems like about once a week or so I join a new one. I do not always blog about the communities I join, though this one deserves a definite visit. is a community link identity to link all your community user names in one spot under a simple user interface anyone can understand. This site is still quite new and there are a lot of communities out there to add. Right now there is no means to do so other than to ask for it to be added. The dev blog reports a new feature will be added this weekend that will let users add communities. If you join a lot of communities, this site is well worth your time, all you have to do is copy and paste a link like this: Who is Tijir? or there are three JavaScript badges as well (check near the bottom of this site to see one). This service also has a private feature so you can hide those sites like that account that might blow your whole image if other communities saw it. Check out the site at


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