Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sony Patent will destroy game resale business.

The Los Angeles Times has an article about a patent Sony holds on technology to prevent Play Station games from being traded in, rented, or resold after playing them. This kind of technology is bad for the used game business which is a billion dollar a year industry. It would also kill the video game rental business which is over $700 million a year in revenues at brick and mortar stores. I could not find figures on the online companies such as but it would also kill that business model as well. So, with one patent Sony stands to destroy a multi billion dollar a year business.
Anyone who has read or heard about this is up in arms about it. Not being able to rent a game before playing it would stop me from making game purchases as often. Instead of renting, then buying a game, I would be forced to wait on the game to be reviewed. I would not buy any games rated less than an 8 on a 10 scale so I would buy less games. With prices for the PS3 expected to be from $30 a download to over $100 a game disc, it is only getting harder to afford new games and I refuse to run out and buy a game based on advertisement, I have been screwed in the past for just such a thing. In my mind, even worse than all the above mentioned is the fact that, if this technology is used, if I buy a game and do not like it, I am stuck with a game I do not want to play and I am out the money I paid for it. Right now I can at least re-coop some of my money by reselling the game.
I think this kind of thing could sink Sony in the gaming market which I do not think would be a particularly bad thing either. I am tired of all Sony's talk and demos of features that never make it into the products as promised. I was duped into a PSP through hype from Sony and it still does not do half the things they promised it would.
Sony has stated they have no intentions of using this technology at this time.

Check out the article... Sony Patent Will Limit PlayStation Abilities - Los Angeles Times


Anonymous said...

WEll we all know that Sony has had a great run in the "gamer" world. But you must remember that their batting score with with pattens( mainly new media, can anyone remember "BETA" yes, a Sony creation) has not always been the best for business. The "UMD" is failing with more and more movie and DVD makers droping the media. Hell, WALMART, of all the "want to own the world" companys, is weeding out "UMDs". What will happen with "BLU-RAYS"? And,if the patten does come round, Sony will dig its own grave. $600 for a game system and player that may not take hold of the media that it will only play? At least with with the "360", they could make an add-on "BLU-RAY" like the "HD-DVD" that is about to come out. Sony, the "leader" in consols, in the past decade have lead the way with keeping it within the grasp, (price wise), of the person who doesn't make $100000 a year. So if they do make all their shit where you can't trade in, well they wont go belly up, (they have their fingers in all aspects of electronics) but you may look at them as the next Sega, making games for everyone else.

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