Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Aeropause - The Anatomy of a Fanboy

Richard over at Aeropause - The goods on gaming has an article that is almost as funny as his topic. Fanboyism! He found 4 Fanboys and interviewed each one. Comparing their answers and interposing his opinion on the whole issue makes for a great read. I claim to be a fanboy sometimes but these four guys take the cake. I am an Xbox 360 fanboy, to an extent. I just do not believe I have it as bad off as these guys. Some of the other consoles have their selling points but the Xbox caught me at the right time with the right money, I have made the investment and try hard to support my choice. Will I buy any of the other systems soon to be released? More than likely but not because I personally want them but because my whole family is gaming and I really do not like to share my 360, in fact I have been considering getting a second one. It will cost less than buying a PS3 though. The awesome Fanboy picture courtesy of Aeropause, best Fanboy picture I have seen to date.


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