Monday, August 14, 2006

All Five STAR TREK Captains to Voice Star Trek: Legacy Game

Bethesda Softworks reports:

Rockville, MD - August 14, 2006 - Bethesda Softworks® announced today that all five actors who portrayed the STAR TREK series captains -- William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks, and Kate Mulgrew -- will provide voiceovers in the STAR TREK: Legacy video game. The collaboration marks the first time the five actors have participated in a single STAR TREK project together.
The five actors will reprise their roles from their respective series as follows:

* William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk from the STAR TREK: The Original Series - 1966-1969
* Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard from STAR TREK: The Next Generation® - 1987-1994
* Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko from STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine® - 1993-1999
* Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway from STAR TREK: Voyager® - 1995-2001
* Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer in STAR TREK: Enterprise? - 2001-2005

STAR TREK: Legacy places you in the role of the Admiral of a task force of warships, which you control in small and large-scale battles. Test your strategic and tactical skills in real-time combat featuring over 60 authentic spaceships, full damage modeling, and spectacular visual effects. Play through the single-player campaign or in the extensive multiplayer mode with a group of friends online.

The compelling storyline in Legacy spans the entire STAR TREK Universe, including the Original Series, STAR TREK: The Next Generation®, STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine®, STAR TREK: Voyager®, and STAR TREK: Enterprise eras.

Can we say awesome? Yes, I am a Star Trek fan though I am not a Trekkie. I am looking forward to this game. All five captains in the same setting, this sounds like it could be a great adventure. Read more about it: All Five STAR TREK Captains to Voice Star Trek: Legacy Game
Mad Doc Software, also working on this project, has some great screen shots of the STAR TREK: Legacy game.
Picture courtesy of Bethesda Softworks®.


PRIS0N3R said...

T, I know the concept sounds good but you need to thin about other ST games. Afew have been not bad but most blow. If all goes well it will be a so-so game, with most of the funding going to pay the actors.

Unknown said...

Well, I agree most of the game for ST have been so-so but what you may or may not realize, they also have one of the writers, DC Fontana, from the ST series on staff to write the story for this game game and ST: Tactical Assult. I am hoping with the combination of the original actors and the writer they can pull this one off and make it great.

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