Friday, August 11, 2006

Happy 25th Birthday Personal Computer!

Happy Birthday Personal Computer. Turns out August 12, 1981 is the birthday of the PC. I was reading an article over at and ran across this article: What a Legacy! The IBM PC's 25 Year Legacy Quote:

"August 12, 1981 marks the birth of the IBM PC, the computer that single-handedly turned personal computing to the business market. IBM's success forced Apple and others to change their focus, and most personal computer companies from the pre-IBM era have become historical footnotes. By 2006, even Apple Computer had followed IBM's lead and adopted Intel CPUs and built Macs that can boot Microsoft Windows."

So again I find myself saying Happy Birthday to something without a pulse. Never figured in 1981, when I was 9, I would be doing something like that. Check out the article, it really is a good read. has a more thorough entry of the PC here. Maybe I will go buy my PC some ram or something for it's birthday. I think a gift-bag woul be better than wrapping paper...
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