Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy Birthday World Wide Web!

Fifteen years ago, Tim Berners-Lee sent a post to Usenet about a project called the WorldWideWeb, the WWW project. This is considered the birth of the WWW so happy 15th birthday WWW!! To Sir Tim Berners-Lee I say thank you! Check out the Wikipedia entry for more information about Tim Berners-Lee.
Read the original post here:


Anonymous said...

was it this day today? hm... I'll be programming it in my phone's clander.

Unknown said...

It was on August 6th

Anonymous said...

Doris, come back. I never said I loved you, come back Doris come back.

Anonymous said...

Aug 6th? ok then ..?
I am so bored it's unbelievable! I'm actually leaving a post on THIS!

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