Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Microsoft Say No to Engadget and FairUse4WM

The other day I posted about Engadget's letter to Microsoft. It seems Microsoft has answered with a resounding no. Quote:

"On August 25th, 2006, Engadget.com reported on a software tool that would allow consumers to decrypt WMDRM protected content. In response, on August 28, 2006, Microsoft released an update to the individualized blackbox component (IBX) designed to ensure that client applications using the Windows Media Format SDK version 9.5 who individualize to this latest version are robust against a new circumvention tool."
So, I guess Microsoft had better prepare for battle because I imagine this will challenge the programmers/hackers behind the DRM decrypting program FairUse4WM to find another way. To read the full article, go here: Microsoft already on their way to patching FairUse4WM - Engadget


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