Saturday, August 26, 2006

More from PAX 2006 - Gamerscore Blog

Gamerscore Blog, written by employees of Microsoft Games Global Marketing team, has posted some pictures and commentary about PAX 2006. Quote:

"PAX is just amazing. Since it's really a show for gamers, rather than for media or industry insiders, it's been amazing just hanging around and talking about games. It's been quite amazing feeling so comfortable and having so much fun here. In fact, we're not really doing any demos or anything structured, we just wanted to put out some pre-released games like Splinter Cell and Lego Star Wars II, and let people play. We're such nerds..."

Read the rest of the post and check out the pictures here: Gamerscore Blog : More from PAX 2006. They also have pictures from day one here: Opening Day of PAX


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