Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Original Star Trek Getting a CGI Makeover! - TrekMovie.com

Trek Movie Report has an article about the Original Star Trek being re-released to syndicated networks this year with a CGI makeover. According to the article the space scenes will most likely be redone with new CGI scenes. Quote:

"Before JJ Abrams gets to bring the TOS era back to the big screen in Star Trek XI, CBS Paramount has a secret plan to get it back on the small screen, but with a makeover. Over a month ago it was announced that CBS was selling a new broadcast TV (not cable) syndication package for the original series. At the time it seemed a bit odd to try selling a 40 year old show to local TV stations, especially after it has just been sold to yet another cable outlet (this time TV Land?home of retro TV). The Trek Movie Report has now learned from trusted insiders, that CBS Paramount are actually offering an HDTV enhanced version of the Original Series with new state-of-the art CGI visual effects."
I am not sure about things like this. George Lucas tried this and now we have so many versions of the Star Wars movies it is quite expensive to buy them all. So will new CGI special affects be enough to get a whole new generation of people interested in Star Trek? If it is done right, maybe. Check out the entire article here: Original Star Trek Getting a CGI Makeover! | TrekMovie.com
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