Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Samuel L. Jackson invited me to the movies.

So, I am sitting at home when the phone rings. I answer the phone and on the other end is none other than Samuel L Jackson! He smarts off and tells me all about his new film coming up, how I should take time away from my job on the 18th, after all it is only one day, to go see his movie. That I need to quit doing this or that and jump in my wanna be monster truck(I drive a Nissan Frontier) and head on out to see it.
I was surprised. Talk about your viral marketing, you can go to this site: Snakes On A Plane :: Send a Message From Samuel L. Jackson! and have Mr. Jackson call your friends. The site gets some general personal information like the type of car they drive, what kind of work they do, etc to personalize the message. Total quality as well, you could hardly even hear the places where the audio segments were spliced. I have to say, it was pretty funny but if Samuel L Jackson does come looking for me to "kick my ass" for not seeing this film, I think he will be limping back. I do appreciate the call though, I am a huge fan and I will definitely see it in the theaters. So no worries Mr. Jackson, no limp this time! Next time call me live, I have this idea for a movie...


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