Saturday, August 26, 2006

What is Microsoft's XNA Framework?

On the XNA Team Blog Mitch Walker, the Program Manager for Microsoft's XNA Framework, has posted an article on What the XNA Framework is. Quote:

"Last week we announced XNA Game Studio Express, which is a product that enables students and hobbyist game programmers to create games using C# that will run on both Windows and their Xbox 360. The XNA Framework is the set of .NET libraries that developers will code against to build their games. As we get closer to the beta, I wanted to take a few moments and explain three keys to understanding the XNA Framework?namely, the goals of the XNA Framework, what the XNA Framework is, and what it provides."

In the article he goes on to mention their goals, gives some sample code and explains some details on the XNA Framework. A very interesting read, did I mention it had some sample code? Check it out here: XNA Team Blog - What is the XNA Framework

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