Friday, August 25, 2006

The Xbox 360 doesn't need DirectX 10? - Xbox 360 News has an article on why the Xbox 360 not being able to run DirectX 10 will not matter. Quote:

"Just a while ago, ATi revealed that the XBOX360 won't be getting DirectX 10, or rather, it cannot run DirectX 10. Uneducated folks might see this as a bad point. Fanboys of other systems might use this as a point to bash the 360 and at first glance, it might scare off people. Thoughts like "It's not futureproof" might come in the minds of most customers. Well, how about we tell you that the absence of DirectX 10 won't make any darn difference to the games."

The article goes on into the details of what DirectX is and is not and why the Xbox 360 does not need native DirectX 10 to run games. An interesting read, specifically if you are interested in what DirectX is and what DirectX does, check it out here: Xbox 360 News- Why the absence of DirectX 10 on the XBOX360 won't matter


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