Thursday, September 07, 2006

Firefox: Not as Secure as You Think

Many people have switched to Firefox because of security vulnerabilities in IE. In July I blogged about an article called Microsoft vs Firefox Myths which debunked many of the reasons I myself starting using Firefox such as: Firefox is more secure than IE: False!

Now, Adam Harrsion on has an article about the security of Firefox and it seems it is in worse shape than previously mentioned. Quote:

"Using Klocwork's K7 static analysis tool, I examined the large and complicated code base of the popular open source browser, Firefox. Overall it is clear that Firefox is a very well written and high quality piece of software. Several builds were performed on the code, culminating in the final analysis of version The analysis resulted in 655 defects and 71 potential security vulnerabilities. The Firefox team has been given the analysis results, and they will determine if or how they will deal with the issues."

Seventy one vulnerabilities, that is a lot of security problems to fix. It seems to me all these browser Dev teams should get together and trade ideas on how to fix these vulnerabilities. After all, Microsoft invited Mozilla Devs over to make sure Mozilla and Firefox run on Vista. Would they not all make greater strides by sharing information and making security more open source? I think so but I am not part of either Dev team. Anyhow, read more about the Fierfox vulnerabilities here: g2zero archive: Examining defects in the Firefox code base


Anonymous said...

You might find this interesting:

Unknown said...

Thanks! Just checked it out and it also supports what was said on the two articles listed in this post, well worth a read.

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