Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Microsoft Fights Piracy: Twenty Lawsuits Filed

Microsoft announced today that they have filed suit against twenty different companies for piracy, Quote:

"The lawsuits, filed against 20 defendants throughout the U.S., are against companies that allegedly distributed counterfeit software or software components or participated in hard-disk loading. Hard-disk loading is the installation of unlicensed software on computers that are then sold to unsuspecting businesses or consumers who will be denied the benefits of genuine Microsoft software. Lawsuits were filed against companies in nine states: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon and Texas."

The announcement also discusses forensic testing of the conterfit software media wich, they say, could pose a risk to consumers. Check it out here: Microsoft Legal Action Aims to Help Fight Piracy: Twenty lawsuits allege illegal software sales, while new forensic analysis shows risks of counterfeit Microsoft software to consumers and businesses.


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