Monday, September 11, 2006

Video Games Live Concert Inspiring Talent Show Act?

Video Games Live (VGL) is an immersive concert event created by the game industry featuring game music performed live with synchronized effects and audience participation. VGL seems to be inspiring the youth of today. Check out this rendition of Halo put on for a talent show by local high schools. Whoever says gaming can't be a positive influence should see this video.

Running just over seven and a half minutes, these kids put on a great show. A very VGL like rendition, this act moves from the Halo theme into the Mario theme and back into Halo. Much better than the talent show at my high school back in the day. The best act back then was guys in pantyhose singing some country song. The original video and a second video of the same act can be found on YouTube here: YouTube - Halo Theme Song School Talent Show



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