Thursday, September 07, 2006

Xbox 360 User Experience Feedback

Ozymandias points out that Wildchicken is taking feedback on the Xbox 360 UI. It seems Widlchicken is the User Experience lead within Microsoft's Entertainment Experience Group, a team whose charter is defining great end-to-end user experiences across Microsoft's gaming and entertainment products including Xbox 360, Xbox Live, and Zune. Quote:

"Xbox 360 User Experience Feedback
Until I figure out how to put a permanent article for getting feedback on the Xbox 360 UX, I'm going to start by putting this blog entry in specifically for that. Feel free to leave comments, issues, suggestions, etc. Know that I or someone from the UX team will be reviewing them, if not necessarily commenting."
So, head on over to Wildchicken: Xbox 360 User Experience Feedback and let them know what they need to add.



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