Saturday, October 28, 2006

Firefly Fans Invoice Universal Pictures

Is Universal shutting down it's own viral marketers(Browncoats) by sending out a Cease and Desist Letter to 11th Hour Art demanding $8,750 in retroactive licensing fees and the immediate shut down of their shop? This has outraged the community and led to the Browncoats creating a mock invoice showing how much Universal would be retroactively billed for if they were paying for the man hours put into the viral marketing the Browncoats have done.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Judge and Jack Thompson have Words

Over on, Niero has posted a video of the contempt hearing against Jack Thompson. In the video, Mr. Thompson seems more annoyed than anything. I have no respect left for this guy. If he knew what he was talking about and put some kind of effort into understanding the culture of gamers he would not waste his time, nor the tax payers money on these ridiculous antics. Anyhow, the judge is much more calm than I would have been considering Mr. Thompson's complete contempt for even having to be there. Check out the video here: Jack Thompson home movies: Mua, contempt?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Grand Gravey down but not out...

So, the month of October is almost gone and I have not posted most of this month. Truly, I have been busy with many projects and have not had time to post much. The time I did have, I used to post on my XNA blog. I have been ignoring gaming news recently, well most of it anyway. I am still into gaming and follow gaming news, I just have not posted anything on it. So, for any of you who were reading my blog on a regular basis for the gaming news, I apologize for dropping the ball.

I am going to be blogging more. I expect that the blogs will include more than just gaming news. I plan to start posting blogs with more opinions and comments in them instead of just links and quotes. I hope to get better at writing and may even include stories, art projects, etc here. This blog is just a heads up to anyone who reads this blog for gaming news that it will not only be about gaming anymore.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mad TV's R&B Xbox 360 Humor

Mad TV's parody R&B video about being a gamer.

Study: Games Effective Teaching Tools - Next Generation

It is nice to see something positive in the news about games, specially with all the ESRB and violence in video games drama going on. Next Generation has an article on a recent study about teaching with off the shelf video games, Quote:

"A one-year study sponsored by Electronic Arts has concluded that commercial games can be effectively utilized to teach in the classroom."

Check out the full article here: Next Generation - Study: Games Effective Teaching Tools