Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Grand Gravey down but not out...

So, the month of October is almost gone and I have not posted most of this month. Truly, I have been busy with many projects and have not had time to post much. The time I did have, I used to post on my XNA blog. I have been ignoring gaming news recently, well most of it anyway. I am still into gaming and follow gaming news, I just have not posted anything on it. So, for any of you who were reading my blog on a regular basis for the gaming news, I apologize for dropping the ball.

I am going to be blogging more. I expect that the blogs will include more than just gaming news. I plan to start posting blogs with more opinions and comments in them instead of just links and quotes. I hope to get better at writing and may even include stories, art projects, etc here. This blog is just a heads up to anyone who reads this blog for gaming news that it will not only be about gaming anymore.


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