Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Future of grand gravey...

The Holiday season from the end of October through January is a very busy time of the year for me. I usually do not have time for blogs and such, as you can probably tell, since my posts have spread out to one every week or two. Part of the reason for this is I do not have time to keep up with news properly, which I normally do through RSS feeds on Google's homepage. Long story short, I read news only once a day right now because of my time shortage, meaning it is done late at night and most times I am so tired I either do not remember to blog or I do not have the thought process to form a coherent post, so the blog suffers. I am reworking my schedule a bit to be able to blog a summery every day or two. In these summaries I will attempt to write what news I have found for the day or days since the last summery. I am hoping this will get me back into the habit of blogging more. I want to do a series of blogs on some of the sites I get news from and why I use them. I will start the summaries in the next day or two. I hope I have not alienated any readers by not posting more, this was an over site on my part. I just got overloaded with things and had no time.

Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. You will definitely be hearing from me soon :) I plan to write my first site article this weekend so check back Monday, if you wish to learn about good resources for news.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Xbox Live Getting HD Movies and TV Shows for the 360

Microsoft announced new downloads for the Xbox 360 today in the form of HD Movies and TV Shows in 720p, Quote:

"Xbox 360 will become first gaming console to offer downloads of over 1,000 hours of TV shows such as CSI, Robot Chicken and South Park, and movies such as V for Vendetta and Nacho Libre."

This announcement, just before the Christmas buying season, is a major play in the console war. What's better, they have some popular titles to start with. Of course having a 6 million member installed gamer base to sell the content to is guaranteed money for the companies that own the content. I hope this means more content will be forthcoming. The announcement included this list of downloadable contnent, Quote:
"The initial lineup of TV shows available for download to own and feature films available for download to rent will include a growing catalog of popular hits. Examples of content that will be available on the network by the end of year include the following:

Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force from Adult Swim

CSI, Survivor and Star Trek from CBS

•Emmy and Peabody award-winning South Park and Chappelle’s Show from COMEDY CENTRAL

The Real World and Pimp My Ride from MTV

Avatar: The Last Airbender and SpongeBob SquarePants from Nickelodeon

Skyland and The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival from Nicktoons Network

M:i:III, Nacho Libre and Jackass: The Movie from Paramount Pictures

Carpocalypse and Raising the Roofs from Spike TV

•Race Rewind provided by NASCAR.COM

•Select episodes of the original season of The Ultimate Fighter reality series and the UFC: All Access shows from the UFC

Breaking Bonaduce and Hogan Knows Best from VH1

The Matrix, Superman Returns and Batman Forever from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Xbox 360 gamers can access Xbox Live Marketplace with a free Xbox Live Silver membership and a broadband connection. More information about the content available on Xbox Live Marketplace can be found at"

Read the announcement here: Xbox 360 to Digitally Deliver TV Shows and Movies to Gamers