Monday, January 01, 2007

New Xbox 360 hack/mod on the way?

Xbox-Scene News reported that an anonymous person may have hacked and modded the Xbox 360. Presented at the 23C3 Hacker Congress, the masked "hacker" had a short presentation where they showed a screen with the Xbox 360 logo, a Mac logo, and Tux (Linux Penguin) and the words coming soon....
Quote from the article "In a very short presentation a masked 'hacker' showed an Xbox 360 booting up King Kong (the game, by ubisoft). After loading the game a screen pops up showing an Xbox 360 logo, a Mac logo and Tux (the Linux Penguin) and the words "coming soon...". I also noticed a small PCB is hanging out of his Xbox360 and he's using a laptop, but it's not really clear what he's doing with it."
My question here is: Why is a mod for the 360 needed? With Microsoft rolling out the XNA program to allow almost anyone to create and run games on the 360 and Windows MCE allowing programs to be run on the PC and used through the MCE extension, the Xbox 360 already has great potential. Most available mods on the 360 right now are to do with backing up games and tricking the DVD drive into playing unsigned game back-ups, cooling, and data transfer. If Microsoft added a few more features to the Xbox 360 such as game back-up, a sandbox for running unsigned code, and a more open network allowing for better file transfer the Xbox 360 would not need a mod/hack.

Anyhow, in the article are links to video of the presentation and a YouTube clip, go on over and check out the article here.


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