Saturday, January 06, 2007

Xbox 360 HDMI Rumors and IPTV Leaks

Quite a bit of talk going into the weekend about Microsoft's Xbox 360. Engadget ran with a scoop about the 2nd or is it 3rd generation of the 360. In the article it says the coming Xbox will have a smaller chip, larger hard drive (120 gig!!), and HDMI out. I would have went past this and kept on believing it to be a rumor, then I saw the picture. Engadget has a pic of the HDMI output on the back of the console, kind of dark and blury though. ran with a scoop about Microsoft's CES announcement. They announced Bill Gates and Robbie Bach will announce they sold over 10 million units and that the Xbox 360 will be able to be used as a set-top box for IPTV (Internet protocol television) and that every Xbox worldwide would be able to partake in some form. I would have went right on through life believing this to be false but pulled the article, guess that spokes person leaked the info a bit too soon (via:

So, it looks like maybe Microsoft has wizened up and started listening to the community in terms of what is offered and what is needed. I posted on the Xbox Live Forum about a year ago asking about larger hard drive, had a few hundred replies to the post about how it was not needed at that time. It is definitely needed now. With Live offering HD movies and TV programs, music videos, game demos, trailers, etc we need more room to store some of this stuff. I personally think HDMI is a great addition to the console as well but it means I will have to replace my TV when it comes time to upgrade to the newer 360. For now, let's chalk it up to rumor and speculation until we get official word from Microsoft. Though, the thought of the Xbox in 1080p and a larger drive will keep me hoping these are more than rumors.

**UPDATE (1/06/2007 - 10:48am) - has more pictures of the Xbox 360 with HDMI including internal shots. In the new article talking about the unit, XanTium claims the 'Zephyr' 360 is a dev unit/prototype and that Microsoft has also redesigned the scaler chip ANA and called it HANA, speculating that the current console can't output digital without the redesign and that Microsoft would not take the time or money to do the scaler redesign unless they planned to release it. The article also has a link to a video of the unit running.

Microsoft has not denied or confirmed the rumors, the response from them is "We have seen all types of claimed leaked photos like this show up online and as a standard policy we don't comment on speculative items." Hopefully we will get some official word soon, at CES maybe?


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