Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Xbox 360 Mod on the Way?

Well the news from yesterday is that a vulnerability has been found in the Xbox 360 kernel that should allow for homebrew software. It seems someone posted all this information on BugTraq's mailing list.
Quote from Xbox-Scene.com: "This was posted moments ago on Security Focus' BugTraq list and looks like a follow-up to the anonymous 23C3 Hacker Congress presentation held end december. Looks like some huge news (Unsigned Code Execution in Hypervisor Mode) even if it's already patched by Microsoft in the latest kernel release."
With this vulnerability, do you think we will see a mod project for the Xbox 360 like XBMC for the original Xbox? I have used XBMC and I have to say it is a clean interface that has more functionality than what the Xbox 360 has now and has many more features to be sure. I have to wonder though, what will Microsoft do about this? The new Xbox 360s being sold today are already patched against this vulnerability. Is it possible for Microsoft to patch previously purchased consoles against this vulnerability? I guess we will have to wait and see since only time will tell and Microsoft, so far, isn't talking.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's a Girl!

Just a note to say we had a baby girl. They took the baby four weeks early due to complications. Weighing in at five pounds seven ounces and measuring nineteen inches long, Bethany Jo was born to the world at 7:46 am on Thursday February 15, 2007. The picture was taken a few minutes after delivery.

Bethany will remain at the hospital until they are sure she can breath and eat on her own. My wife is doing well and has finally come home. My life is far from returning to normal but it is good to have her home.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Life Happens: Missing in Action...

I don't usually post things of a personal nature such as family, mainly because I am a private person and do not wish to air my dirty laundry on the internet. However, this is a post about my personal life so if your not interested, click a link and head out.

For everyone else I have some personal news on why things seems rather dead on my blog lately. My wife is eight months pregnant and the past couple of weeks have not been good. She has had a few complications and things are pretty busy in my life due to this. The doctors are not sure what is going on though they think it could be a condition known as Preeclampsia. She is in the hospital and the doctors are discussing taking the baby early. I also have three kids and all of them are sick at once. So between the two my time has been all about serving the greater good of my family and nursing my loved ones.

I do not know when I will have the time to get back to the blog, once the baby arrives the world will turn into a sleepless blur of never ending diapers I am sure. Being cranky and tired all of the time does not a good blogger make. So my posting will probably be slim for the next month or so until things start to return to normal.

It really bites though as I have missed a few key things in the gaming community that I would have loved to post my thoughts on. So, please, have some patience and don't dump my blog totally, I will return, it is just that while my Life is happening, I will be missing in action.

Thanks for reading grand gravey and my ramblings, I hope to return real soon.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Xbox Rewards -Schwag for Gaming

On Xbox Live, Microsoft just announced a new program based on getting prizes for playing games. The rewards are given out depending on your gamer score over a calendar year, the three levels are Level 1 - 0-4,999 points, Level 2 - 5,000-9,999, and Level 3 - 10,000+. The announcement includes the prizes for the first sponsor (Old Spice) which include gamer pics, free Live Arcade games (Contra, Fusion Frenzy), t-shirts, and Microsoft points. I think Microsoft is once again proving, to me at least, that it is more into community and gamer culture than the other two console manufacturers. I will definitely be joining the program, after all the gamerscore exists regardless and I will be happy to receive stuff for playing games, since I play the games already ;)

Anyhow, check out the full article on Xbox.com. The sign-up for the program is February 12th, don't miss out! Click through to read the official announcement: Xbox Rewards: Take Your Gaming to the Next Level.