Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Xbox Rewards -Schwag for Gaming

On Xbox Live, Microsoft just announced a new program based on getting prizes for playing games. The rewards are given out depending on your gamer score over a calendar year, the three levels are Level 1 - 0-4,999 points, Level 2 - 5,000-9,999, and Level 3 - 10,000+. The announcement includes the prizes for the first sponsor (Old Spice) which include gamer pics, free Live Arcade games (Contra, Fusion Frenzy), t-shirts, and Microsoft points. I think Microsoft is once again proving, to me at least, that it is more into community and gamer culture than the other two console manufacturers. I will definitely be joining the program, after all the gamerscore exists regardless and I will be happy to receive stuff for playing games, since I play the games already ;)

Anyhow, check out the full article on Xbox.com. The sign-up for the program is February 12th, don't miss out! Click through to read the official announcement: Xbox Rewards: Take Your Gaming to the Next Level.


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