Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Creating Gaming Goodness

So, you have been playing with the idea of creating a game. Before you get started designing and coding the game, you should check out these tips by Jon Radoff over at Gamasutra.com.
Quote from the article, Five Prescriptions For Viral Games: "Games have the potential to be phenomenally viral—but the mistake that most game studios make is in thinking about it as purely a post-design job for the marketing department. In fact, making a game viral is something that needs to be thought of at the very outset of game design—it incorporates aspects of game design, marketing and player community. If virality isn’t “designed in” to the game, it is unlikely that any type of marketing program can add it later."
Jon discusses many things in the article about building your game around your users and viral marketing, players as contributors, using guilds or clans as a marketing element, and some other key viral marketing issues. The article ends in the culmination of five ways to help your players become viral marketers for your game by using these tips: Skinnable user-interfaces, Modifiable rule sets, Modifiable user interfaces, Level and scenario design, and In-game content [sic] creation. With these five variables designed into the game from the beginning, Jon says players become contributors and will work to help promote your game to the community. Just don't make the same public relation mistakes mentioned in the article from Gamesradar.com about the Top 7 PR Disasters and run your potential players off.


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