Monday, March 12, 2007

MIT Game Research Project Needs Your Help

Ever wanted to be a part of a game development project? I know I have though truly I do not yet posses the skills. There is a way to get your name on a project as a designer without having the skills to be a designer. Jeff Orkin, the designer behind the AI in F.E.A.R, is looking for help on a project he is working on for the MIT Media Lab.
Quote from the site: "Contribute to the first collaboratively authored computer game and earn Game Designer credit!

The Restaurant Game is a research project at the MIT Media Lab that will algorithmically combine the gameplay experiences of thousands of players to create a new game. In a few months, we will apply machine learning algorithms to data collected through the multiplayer Restaurant Game, and produce a new single-player game that we will enter into the 2008 Independent Games Festival. Everyone who plays The Restaurant Game will be credited as a Game Designer. It's never been easier to earn Game Designer credentials!

All contributions are not equal, however. Designers will be ranked based on how well they play their assigned roles, and accomplish their objectives. There will be only one Lead Designer. Remaining credits will be divided into Game Designers and Assistant Game Designers, and within each category individuals will be ranked according to the quality of their performance(s). Quality will be determined computationally, based on a number of factors."

Click through to read the rest of his blog post, get the game, and play it through a few times. This is a way to get designer cred without having the skills needed to be a designer. Besides, you just might help create the next-gen AI system games will be using in the future and having your name on that as a designer or researcher would be awesome.

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