Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Xbox 360 Back in Black?

Kotaku.com has an article up about the rumored Black Xbox 360. It seems Game Informer (GI) magazine claims the rumor is true and we will see the elusive black Xbox 360 soon. In the magazine article they list the consoles specs and Matt Helgeson over at GI emailed Kotaku.com to let them know it is not a rumor, the console is real and on it's way to a store near you.

Quote from the article: "This month's Game Informer says that a black Xbox 360 with larger 120GB hard drive, HDMI output and an HDMI cable will retail for approximately US $479. It does not include HD-DVD playback. A well-placed source at Microsoft tells GI that the reason is because the 'format's not proven.'"

So, what to say about this? Well being an early adopter I am kind of upset since it means to get HDMI I will have to buy a new console. Where is the love for the early adopters who helped put the Xbox 360 where it is today? Joystiq.com mentions the new 120 gig hard drive will retail for $200(!!), seems a bit expensive to me considering I can get storage for less than $1 a gig for most other things. If that is showing love, I would hate to see what it would cost otherwise. All the information points to a late April release, let's just hope there are no delays. I will definitely be getting a new hard drive, it is my biggest gripe with the current console but at that price I will have to wait a bit. Will you be upgrading to a new console, getting a new hard drive, or just continuing on with what you already have?

**UPDATE - Quote from engadget.com: "We've confirmed with trusted sources that the black Xbox 360 is indeed coming and will be dubbed the Xbox 360 Elite."


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