Tuesday, March 20, 2007

XeLL - Linux Loader Mod for the Xbox 360

Do you want to run Linux on your Xbox 360? Well combining XeLL (Xenon Linux Loader) and the Hypervisor Vulnerability to run Linux on the Xbox 360 is a reality.
Quote from Xbox-scene.com: "In order to run this current loader, you will need to execute the compiled version through serial cable, after booting a modified shader via the king kong disc (with a firmware modded dvd-rom), and you will need to compile your own linux kernel aswell. This is obviously for the more savvy of the xbox users, but keep in mind this is a very early release with limited support (samsung sata drivers are not supported yet, but hitachi confirmed working great)."
Of course the mod will only work if you have kernel 4532 or 4548 since it will not work with the patched 4552 kernel. If you're intimidated about doing everything yourself, there is some good news, it seems Felix Domke is working on a Linux live cd that will be easy to boot. If your looking for more information or want to keep up with the project Xbox-scene.com has a forum to discuss it.


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