Monday, March 05, 2007

Microsoft Patched Hypervisor Mode Vulnerability

ZDnet is reporting Microsoft has issued a fix for the unsigned code execution in Hypervisor Mode vulnerability I posted about earlier. Microsoft reports they have already released the fix through Xbox Live and the fix will be coming in games available after Feb 20th.

Quote from the article: "Microsoft confirmed the issue on Friday. "Microsoft has worked with the party that reported this issue and has already distributed a fix across our distribution methods, both online and offline," a company representative said in an e-mailed statement.

The update was pushed out via Xbox Live, Microsoft's online gaming service. Any game coming out after February 20 will ship with the fix, which is also available for download on the Xbox Web site, the representative said.

However, Microsoft doesn't describe the Xbox update as a security fix. Instead, on its Web site it lists an "operating system update" for download, without stating what the update does."
So, go check out the article for more details but it looks like homebrew will have to wait for the masses as most have likely already had their 360s patched, I am willing to bet mine was patched. But I don't really desire a mod anymore as the Xbox 360 does everything I want it to through Xbox Live, the XP MCE extender, and the XNA Creators Club. I am hoping to get in on the IPTV offering coming soon and I do not think it would play nice with a mod. Do you desire a mod for the Xbox 360? If so, for what purpose?


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