Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shadowrun Beta Impressions

I played Shadowrun years ago, the table top RPG that is. I also played the Sega Genesis and the SNES versions of the video game. So you can imagine my anticipation of this games arrival. I finally received an invite for the Shadowrun beta on the Xbox 360. I spent the day yesterday doing the tutorials. The game is very enjoyable, I have played as all the races available in the tutorials. I have yet to play in multi player mode though, the tutorials ended up taking a few hours to get through.

The game play is great. The different tech options such as enhanced vision, smart link, wired reflexes, and glider wings add quite a bit of tactics to how you can play the game. The magic options take things over the top! With healing, resurrection, and teleport added to your character, the playability and tactics both get a huge boost.

Each of the races have their own unique skills to bring to the mix as well. Things such as dwarves get to drain essence, a trolls skin hardens to armor if damaged, and elves have speed and personal healing. So choosing your race can give you access to some racial abilities that could very well help you to survey the match.

Shadowrun brings new dynamics to the gameplay that will make for fast paced multi player matches that are fun to play. I will be play testing the online matches throughout the week so if you already have the beta or get it this week look me up and we can check things out.

I do think this game would be so much more exciting with a persistent world to play in, something sandbox style that would allow you to travel anywhere and take jobs from the corporations, seek out new tech, magic, parties, etc. Instead of just a set of tutorials and a matchmaking lobby as it is now. Let's hope they add a single player campaign or online world to run around in, without it the game is just missing something.


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