Sunday, April 08, 2007

Xbox 360 Controller Keyboard?

I was on earlier and noticed a post about a keyboard add-on for the Xbox 360 controller. When I clicked the link to read the post, the link broke. Is the another case of Gamespot running a story and retracting it, as they did with the Spring 2007 Dashboard Update? It seems so, since the link is no longer on Gamespot.

So, I think the controller add-on looks great, though I would really like to know more information. Anyone have any links to some hot juicy rumors? Oh, and just so you know I am not going crazy and seeing things that are not there, check out a screen capture from Gamespot ;)

UPDATE** has an article up too, with a great picture (posted below). They posted the attachment will be released sometime this summer.

Major Nelson spilled the official beans on the keyboard and the Spring dashboard update. Both are formally announced.

UPDATE ***7/12/07 Microsoft has announced the keypad will be available September 4, 2007, check it out in Microsoft's Xbox Hardware Catalog.


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