Saturday, May 26, 2007

Death in the Family

Well, a member my family died today. This family member was: loyal, entertaining, supporting, and a lot of fun to be around; always happy to keep you company even in the loneliest of time; content to take the brunt of various confrontations; great at helping to keep in touch with others; and was just an all around great companion that kept my life a little less boring.

I am of course describing my Xbox 360. My wife, conspiring with Sonic the Hedgehog, caused the unfortunate death. Last night, she played through a few levels of Sonic then decided to try them again only to have the 360 refuse. We rebooted the console and were greeted with the infamous Red Ring of Death. I tried to resuscitate by unplugging everything, blowing out any dust, and hooking everything back up but it was too little, too late.

So, now you, my unfortunate reader, get to experience what happens when your Xbox 360 dies. I plan to blog the entire experience from the initial phone call to tech support through the unboxing of the replacement. For any of you not looking forward to the posts, I feel your shame as I did not really want to have to post about this process.

Farewell old friend, luckily I have my PS3 to keep me company till your replacement arrives. Then again, if the PS3 works out better in your place on my big screen TV, I will have to move the new 360 to the smaller, less used plasma in my life, where the PS3 currently lives. So goes the circle of life. Maybe this is the time to consider moving on to an Elite 360...


Anonymous said...

what happened? I must know! will mine die? I sure hope not. I would cry...

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