Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sharing Media with the PS3 and the1.8 Firmware Update

Finally! The 1.8 update has connectivity for other computers on a network. It was easy, the PS3 recognized my media folders through Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) and all I had to do was grant sharing permission to the PS3 on my computer and viola! Instant streaming movies, music, and photos! This, in my opinion, was something sorely lacking for the PS3 to be the media hub Sony talks about.

But, if you do not have a DLNA-supported program for the PC (Macs too) you will have to install one. Windows Media Player 11 and Orb are both such programs for the PC, for a Mac try iTunes or maybe iCommune. (I am not a Mac user, if neither of these work, you might try EyeConnect) Once you install the program you need to open it and turn on your PS3. The PS3 should recognize your PCs media share and show your media under the appropriate section on the XMB. To get the share to work using WMP11 you must allow the PS3 to share the media. WMP11 should tell you in a pop up that a new device is requesting a share, click the message and allow the share. If it does not offer a pop up, you will need to go into the settings on WMP11 to allow it. On your PC go into the options for WMP11, click the Library Tab, click the configure sharing button, and make sure Share my media is checked. If it is, make sure you allow the unknown device, if it shows in the list of devices, as it is most likely your PS3. If it still doesn't work, I don't know what else to tell you other than check out the WMP11 website.

Everything worked easily for me. But if you are running into troubles you should make sure of a few things. Make sure your firewall is not blocking access, make sure you have a home network setup on Windows with sharing allowed, and make sure WMP11 is updated to the current version. If you are still having complications I am sure Sony either has or will have PS3 support for this feature on their website. To find out everything the 1.8 firmware update has to offer, check out Sony's 1.8 Firmware documentation page.

Edit: Minims - New light weight multiplatform upnp media server for Playstation 3. It is in the Alpha stage but might be worth checking out, it is free I believe.

Edit: Mac users, I have been told iTunes should be able to do this. Try the following if you are having troubles:
1) Open iTunes.
2) Edit -> Preferences
3) Go to the Sharing Tab.
4) Check "Share my library on my local network."


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