Tuesday, July 03, 2007

This Weeks PSP Wallpapers 7-03-07

I hope a couple of new PSP wallpapers a week will help keep things interesting. I will try to release two new wallpapers every Tuesday. This week I have one fractal based wallpaper and one 3d rendered wallpaper made with Terragen. Terragen is a 3D program for creating photo realistic terrains. The fractal was most likely done with the program Sterling but I am not positive on this, I used to use so many fractal programs and this image is one of my older ones so your guess is almost as good as mine on which program I used. Both images are formatted at 482 x 272 at 96 dpi for use as wallpaper for the Sony Playstation Portable. Click on either image to be taken to the download page or my PSP Wallpaper Gallery to see all available wallpapers.

EDIT: I have a new wallpaper gallery at http://gallery.grandgravey.com


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