Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This Weeks PSP Wallpapers - 7/17/07

Once again it is Tuesday, time for a couple of new wallpapers for Sony's PSP. This weeks wallpapers are both fractals created using Sterling sized at 482 x 272 at 96 dpi. Next week I hope to have a couple of game related PSP wallpapers. (It all depends on the amount of time I have for working on them.) Anyhow, click on either image to be taken directly to that images download page or check out my entire PSP Wallpaper Gallery. Enjoy!

EDIT: I have a new wallpaper gallery at http://gallery.grandgravey.com


Dimas M said...

Cool walpaper you;ve got in your blog

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Unknown said...

Thanks, I appreciate your comment. I hope to ramp up with some gaming centric wallpapers soon.

Anonymous said...

nice wallpapers, how is your imagerewards account going?

I have about 16000 points, do you know if it works yet and if it is to be trusted?

thanks man.. for the wallpapers and hopefully for your reply

Unknown said...

imageguy, I have yet to get enough points for a payout. I just started the program in mid June.

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