Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Stuff Coming

What a busy month November has turned out to be. I had computer problems stacked on top of a few time consuming work projects and my time for working on anything for this site went down the drain. Now, it seems Google is having problems with it's server, I recently purchased the domain to point to this site. It worked fine for awhile but now the Google servers keep returning a 502 error keeping anyone from seeing the site.

Anyhow, more screens are in the works, I have 4 screens from Halo 3 to put up in the next day or so and I have a decent list of new Fractals to be rendered. I hope to get something posted by this weekend and be able to post on a more normal schedule than once or twice a month. As with all things in my life right now, that all depends on the amount of free time I can make for this hobby blog.

I also have new things in the works for this site but I am reluctant to mention those things specifically until I know I have the time to make them happen. So for now I will just tease you by telling you you have to wait and see. Christmas is coming up and I had hoped to have some custom Christmas Cards for you to enjoy about now but it does not seem that will materialize this year.

Please be patient with me, I will get everything worked out and new content posted real soon.