Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Game: Invasion Defense

Invasion Defense is a basic tower defense game. This was an ambitious project for my second game. I spent a few weeks learning my way around the Popfly Game Creator trying to get this game to work the way I intended it to. I ran into many limitations that kept me from making it a better defense game. I have since thought of ways to make it work as I intended it originally but I am reluctant to make the changes due to the amount of time it would take. Instead I have started a different version with custom graphics and a better thought out game design.

To play Invasion Defense you deploy turrets to protect your base by dragging them from your control panel and dropping them on the play field. Every round you are given a clean play field and need to redeploy your turrets. Each turret has a different function and I plan on updating the how to play screen in the future with what each turret does. This game has four levels total and the last level features a boss to do battle with. You can play Invasion Defense by going to the Free Online Games Gallery.


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