Monday, April 20, 2009

31DBBB Day 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15

Due to work and the kids I have fallen behind in my 31 Days to Build a Better Blog postings. I am combining five days in one post to catch up. Since all of these challenges were related in some way I think this will work out fine.

  • The eleventh days challenge, Come up with 10 Post Ideas [Day 11 - 31DBBB], is to mind map ten post ideas. The process is fairly straight forward, you write down the past five post topics and mind map (brainstorming) extended ideas for the posts. I am working on this and will try to get it done in a day or two. Did I mention I am real busy with work? Yeah, so I will work on this as I get time.

  • The twelfth days challenge, Develop an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog [Day 12 - 31DBBB], is to take the post ideas from the last challenge and create an editorial calendar. I won't get to this until I finish the mind map but I think I will end up doing something along the lines of a certain type of post per day. Such as my #followfriday Link Luv posts.

  • The thirteenth days challenge, Take a Trip to the ‘Mall’ and Improve Your Blog [Day 13 - 31DBBB], is to go people watching. It's an observation exercise. I must say, this one threw me until I read further into the challenge. You watch people shop and take notes on what they are doing, buying, seeing, etc. Then you sit down and go over your notes and see if you can find lessons to apply to your blog. I will try and do it this weekend. Not sure I will find the time but I will try.

  • The fourteenth days challenge, Update a Key Page on Your Blog [Day 14 - 31DBBB], is to decide what key pages might need a refresh on your blog. I have been working on this since I began this challenge. I added an about me page back to the blog, I have been updating the sidebar and will continue to do so and I am working on updating the gallery to something more aesthetically pleasing which I hope to have done by this time next week.

  • The fifteenth days challenge, Find a Blog Buddy [Day 15 - 31DBBB], is to find someone to collaborate with. It's more than that though, it's someone to bounce ideas off of, help encourage when things get slow, partner with on stuff, etc. This will probably be the harder of these five challenges for me. My blog is not really a niche blog other than being an artists thoughts about stuff and showing off my work. I have posted in the 31DBBB forums to try and find a blogging buddy, we will see how it goes.

So, there you have it five days that kind of all fit together. I will be working on these things through the week as I have time as well as working on each new challenge as they are posted. Pile on top of that my make a living work and I am swamped for the week. Hope the kids can entertain themselves a little more this week or I might not ever get caught up!


G.Dowell said...

I'm behind in my assignments too. I'm going to just save my e-mails and get to them when I can. I've combined a few assignments to try and catch-up, but life gets in the way sometimes.

Good luck!

George said...

The hardest thing about blogging for me is that, sometimes I just don't have anything pertinent to say. If you're gonna blog, however, one must be consistent with postings. But, every now and then, words just escape me.

And then my fan base follows suit. :)

Here's hoping you'll have enough material to blog for a thousand posts (and more)!

Unknown said...

Gayle I completely agree, life gets in the way a lot of the times for me ;)

George I always have something to say and could blog multiple times a day given the time but I must make a living and support the family. So the blog suffers :(

A Fanciful Life said...

I am behind on the assignments as well. Life is just too full to do everything I'd like to do. However, I admire you for keeping these assignments top of mind. I think I'm just going to dabble with them fitting them in as I can. I really enjoyed the 31 day challenge though; I may not have done most of them, but I did read them so I'm hoping to absorb the information!

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