Tuesday, April 21, 2009

31DBBB Day 16: Solve a Problem

The sixteenth days challenge, Solve a Problem - 7 Ways to Identify Reader Problems [Day 16 - 31DBBB], is to identify a problem my readers might have and solve it. I think I might fail this one. I am working on digging through data on the blog and such and don't know that I can figure out a problem my readers might have. I am not giving up on it, I am just not getting it done today. This whole 31DBBB process is turning into real work, which I am glad of. I just do not have as much time as I would like to do it right. I am very busy with work for a client that is time sensitive and I can't take time away from it for working on my personal blog. I am keeping a list of the things I need to do to finish the challenges, I just won't get them done in the thirty one days.


Fredrik said...

Reply not related to the post, sorry about that.. Saw you had visited our blog and replied about the ArtRage stuff :) Yeah, the speedpaint video was aimed at fellow artists.. as well as getting a look at my own process.. it's good to see a fast run through my own decision making. Definately recommended if you haven't tried!

Thanks for dropping in! (And yes; Firefly and Serentity rocks! hehe)

Holly Jahangiri said...

Problem: How do you lovingly encourage kids to push away from the video game console and get out into the sunshine and DO more? (Emphasis on "lovingly" - I know lots of "carrot-and-stick" methods! LOL!)

Problem: What are some unusual art projects parents can try to get kids (especially boys) more interested in art?

Interested in doing a guest post on my blog?

Unknown said...

Fredrik thanks for stopping by. I have downloaded ArtRage, just have not had the time to give it a try yet. Once I do I will let you know my thoughts on it.

Holly, I will consider the problems you posted there. I think of many ways to get my kids away from the game system but not using bribery or laying down the law is tough. I also have some ideas on getting kids more interested in art. I will let you know something by the weekend, hope the time isn't a roblem.

Mandala Michelle said...

I'm behind on the 31dbbb as well. I have a question that might fit your blog...

How do you keep your child safe while on the computer without invading their privacy?

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