Tuesday, April 07, 2009

31DBBB Day 2 : List Post

As you may or may not have noticed, yesterday I added an About Tijir to the sidebar that includes the new Elevator pitch I posted about yesterday. I also added the tagline to the top of the blog under the Grand Gravey banner. I think ProBlogger's 31 Day to Build a Better Blog is turning out to be a good project for any blogger to try. If you have a blog I would highly recommend you give it a try.

The second day's challenge, Write a List Post [Day 2 - 31DBBB], is to write a list post for this site. So, in the process of getting started I must first understand what a list post is. Basically it is a post with a list of something as the main subject. Such as a list of websites, a top ten list, a list of reasons, etc. I am working on my list and I will have it posted shortly I hope. Darren at ProBlogger lists three different types of list post:

  • The post as a list - in this case there’s nothing in the post except for the list. The title of your post introduces the topic and then the list speaks for itself. The list can be quite barebones - short and to the point. However readers often like them because of their bluntness and the way that they tell it like it is.

  • Extended lists - this type of post is not dissimilar to an essay or article but the main points are broken down into a numbered list format. Generally there is a heading for each section (highlighted in bold or heading tags) with a paragraph or two under each one.

  • Lists Within Posts - the post you’re reading right now probably illustrates this type well. In this post there are two lists that present ideas in the midst of other content. In a sense the list becomes a way of breaking up your text. I find that often these posts do quite well as other bloggers looking for a quote to share with their readers will many times grab your list.
I am not sure yet which type of list post I will be writing yet, I am still researching what the main theme of the list will be. Once I get that determined I will decide which type of list post I will use. I am going to get busy working on it and I will post it as soon as I am done.

You can find my list post here 15 Great XNA Tutorial Sites.

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