Wednesday, April 08, 2009

31DBBB Day 3 : Promote a Blog Post

I finished up my assignment from yesterday today and posted it here: 15 Great XNA Tutorial Sites. I started several of these type of post yesterday but I ran into problems every time. For example I was going to post 10 great places to download desktop wallpapers but I was overwhelmed with the amount of websites that do only that. So I decided to list blogs like mine where they gave away wallpapers they created. It was very hard finding quality sites that do so. I am not saying they do not exist, what I am saying is Google has been dominated by free wallpapers dot come sites, even for blogs. So the XNA sites is a topic I knew well and decided to go with it.

The third day's challenge, Promote a Blog Post [Day #3 - 31DBBB], is to promote the list post I posted. Darren describes eleven ways to do this:

  1. Pitching other bloggers. I partially did this, though it was another of my old blogs not another blogger. Will approach more in the next day or so.
  2. Social Messaging. I posted links to the list post on twitter under the #XNA and the #XBLCG topics. I had one follower retweet.
  3. Social Bookmarking. Did not do this.
  4. Internal Link. I went through all my old posts dealing with the topic of XNA or making games and added a link to the post.
  5. Newsletters. The post went out by RSS feed and I have a couple of subscribers through email, not sure if that counts.
  6. Other blogs comments section and forums. I have started this, posted on the challenge post as instructed and I will go comment on some XNA centric blogs/forums where others are discussing tutorial sites.
  7. Email signatures. Not applicable for me, did not do this.
  8. Followup posts. Technically the list post is a follow up post from earlier posts on XNA communities, I will post another soon on XNA resources other than tutorials and link them up.
  9. Advertise the post. I have no budget for spending on advertising but I will dig deeper and see what can be done.
  10. Approach mainstream media. This post is not mainstream media ready nor do I believe it will be a topic they would cover.
So, there you have it. Day three is pretty much done. I am going to go post on some blogs that might value the list post I made and see if I might not get a mention. Other than that I am done with promoting this particular post. I have a few other ideas on promoting posts but do not wish to try them out just yet until I do some research. I will do a follow up post if I ever get to them. I am looking forward to tomorrow's challenge.

Followup: After submitting the post to the different social bookmarking sites my traffic jumped up by 300% on the post and traffic on the rest of my site by a little over 30% for one day. I will keep monitoring traffic and post a second followup after a week.

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